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Ground control to Blackstar: David Bowie


David Bowie. I have ambivalent feelings about his work and his passing. I liked looking at him more than listening to or paying attention to his music. Now he’s gone and we’re all paying attention.
Two or three most popular hits such as Golden Years and Fame aside, I found most of Bowie’s work pretentious and monotonous. His latest, Blackstar is no exception. I won’t justify my opinion, it’s just a matter of personal taste. 
But Bowie manages to take his revenge on his last album. Once accused of being a flash in the pan, he gets to thumb his nose at the old insult. Still, one wonders, does he, or is it just acceptance? In any event, it was remembered and included in the song-video, presented to us as an important last thought. So just who was this man who said, “stay with us Scotland,” before the Scottish separation referendum? A radical thinker, secret conservative, an artist, or something else altogether?
David Bowie is a manufactured persona. The actual David Robert Jones seemed to …

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