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How the invention of the plow led us all to Trump and the brink of nuclear extinction


There must be a special hell for Donald Trump. I just read that he’s waived the ban on cluster bombs, nested bombs that can blast shrapnel over a wide area. But since God died, there’s no hell to punish him. Which brings us to the idea of hell itself. Why did we invent it?

I introduce hell for a reason. Hell is the ultimate punishment—because it’s the only justice available for crimes that can’t be punished on earth. Historically, the poor have relied on hell, because it was the only way they could take their revenge on the people who raped, abused and oppressed them. Most certainly their powerful overlords invented hell as a social safety valve, and a way to protect them from the outrage of the angry masses.

We all know that we, modern humans, began as hunter-gatherers. I read a good piece in the Guardian about that last week. The title says it all: “How neolithic farming sowed the seeds of modern inequality.” In other words, the shift from hunting to agriculture changed everything. F…

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