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100 years from Model T to the end of Ford cars—but is it the end of the world?


As I write this I don’t have Internet service. So I’m winging it. No Google or Wiki to verify any details. We’re on our own here—just like the days before we got wired in.

Which was 1993 for me. Counting on my fingers I see that I’ve been online for 25 years. Computing went hand-held wireless a little over 10 years ago with the introduction of the first iPhone, and now we find out that the carbon footprint of cell phones is now equal to the carbon produced from our cars (but don’t hold me to that, because I can’t fact check it). Given the power we feed into server arrays and microprocessors and cell towers and the billions of phones produced and billions of us online, is it any wonder?

Several decades ago I spent a year in England. It was a great experience. I bought a small car for £500 and drove across the country, mostly on narrow one-lane roads. Our house had a coin-fed meter to keep the lights on, and hot water heating system fired by a small coal furnace in the kitchen that neede…

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