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Weinstein, Trump, pussy hats and rainbows: PC and the death of morality


Here in our little corner of the universe town council is refusing to allow painted rainbow crosswalks on the streets. Kids have chalked in a rainbow on one crosswalk in protest. Advocates of feel-good, anti-prejudice are coming out with videos siding with the kids, criticizing the council. The general yawning reaction around town is “this is so 2012”.

In schools we have gay-straight alliances. At the same time we have dress codes that restrict clothing that’s too revealing, mostly aimed at girls. Meanwhile, kids of all ages have access to unlimited quantities of free garbage on their cell phones, cops are rounding up entire online rings of people trading child porn, and teenagers are committing suicide as a result of cyber-bullying.

Out there in the big world there’s Donald Trump and Harvey Weinstein. Trump’s ex, Ivana, has just come out with a new memoir on her great parenting skills, based, in her mind, on how well her three children have turned out. Turns out, no surprise, that her…

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